Retaliation of a Break up

Many times, after being dumped in a relationship, people try to retaliate although this is not the best way to end a relationship. Although you want to retaliate, possibly by spreading rumors, starting fights between his or her friends, and generally trying to make him or her miserable, the best way to retaliate is to become successful with whatever you are trying to do in life.

Many people are tempted to spread rumors in order to hurt the person they once loved. Though this is definitely enticing, this is not the way to end a relationship. It’s a low blow and you have to stoop to a very low level to pull it off. Something like this is an almost certain way to alienate those you are starting the rumors to, not to mention any mutual friends you may have with your ex. Another reason this is not a good idea to do is that if you ever hoped to get back together with this person, this is almost certainly not the best way to do it. It will serve no purpose but to make you feel bad for doing it in the first place and will result in making someone feel horrible whom you once professed to love. Spreading rumors is the wrong solution to a bad break up.

Spreading rumors can not only make you feel bad, it can start serious altercations between those people that the rumors are about. This includes fights between the friends of your ex. You may wish to make him or her pay for the pain you have been put through, but you need to think about the situation if it were reversed. In any case would you want to be the target of retaliation from an ex? It can totally ruin your life. Before you do something you might regret, think about how you would feel about it.

Generally making the life of one’s ex worse is also an act of retribution. This is not a good idea because you want to leave the relationship as civilly as possible. Remember, this is the man or woman you onced cared for not too long ago. The last thing you want to do about memories of a break up is make them bitter. Rather than making mistakes and trying to gain retribution on your ex, leave things as pleasant as possible. It may not happen just the way you want it too, but know that you did the best you could without stooping to a level you may regret stooping to later.

What Is The Best Way To End A Relationship

If you insist on retribution, the best way to make someone sorry for breaking up with you is to get your act together. Don’t try to destroy his or her life. Try instead to make your life better. Doing this will benefit you much more in the long run and will make more of an impact on your ex’s life, without having to sabotage it. Make a conscious decision to make steps of improvement in your life every day. Show your ex what he or she is missing. Trust me, they will kick themselves much harder than you could have ever done by trying to retaliate. The best form of retaliation and revenge is to have a great life in spite of the loss you suffered in a break up.

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