Eyeglasses and style: How to dress for the beach

The time of year has come around once more where the sun is out and holidays are just around the corner. This means time to spend on the beach and this in itself can be a daunting experience for the less confident of women. Being in a bathing suit or a bikini is basically like walking around in your underwear in front of strangers and let’s face it, how many of us do that on a daily basis.


The one thing to remember when you are preparing for a day at the beach is body confidence. This is sometimes harder said than done but the key to feeling confident and composed on the beach is to remember, wherever you are in the world from the beaches of Rio to the secluded sands of Ibiza, every other person will be worrying about what they look like to even consider your body shape. This is certainty!


Picking the right bathing suit can be the difference between feeling like rubbish and feeling on top of the world, believe us there will be a bathing suit out there to suit every woman’s figure.


  • Bigger breasted women should wear halter necks to give enough support, whilst halter necks are also good for pear shapes as they balance the proportions out.
  • If you are conscious about your stomach area, tankinis are a great item to wear to the beach.
  • Pear shapes should try to stick to darker half bottoms, utilising the trend to mix and match on the beach. Try black bottoms with a brightly coloured bikini top to draw the eye away from your bottom half.
  • If you are flat chested why not try a padded bikini to give you that extra lift. Team with bikini bottoms that tie at the side to make your legs look like they go on forever.
  • For the beach bring a long sleeved shirt to put on over your bathing suit between the hottest hours of the day. This is a stylish way to help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Dress in light colours instead of black as this can attract the heat.
  • Protect your feet from the hot sand by bringing a pair of waterproof flip-flops, allowing you to go for a paddle in the sea without ruining your shoes. Although you may see women on TV and celebrities walking in heels in the sand, do not attempt this. It could end in an unfortunate ankle injury.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat to protect your face and hair from the sun, either choosing a bohemian style floppy hat pictured to the right or an on-trend fedora, which is a favourite of model Kate Moss.
  • Make sure you protect your eyes by investing in a good pair of sunglasses and although designer is not always necessarily better, in terms of sunglasses, the more money you pay the better quality of protection you get, plus if you get a classic pair like Raybans, aviators or tortoise shell wide rimmed glasses they will last a lifetime.


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Hot Sunglass Trends in Summer

Sunglasses and eyeglasses are the hottest accessories for summer. Every spring brings in new trends and styles for summer sunglasses.


Hot summers are an ideal opportunity to purchase those glitzy sunglasses that one has been eyeing for a long time. Eyewear is getting increasingly popular and stylish and several well-known brands are trying their best to cash on this opportunity.

Earlier sunglasses were mainly purchased for protecting the eyes from the UV rays, but now they have become a major fashion statement.

Hot Eyeglass Trends in Summer

This summer is no different from others as most known brands are coming out with their own exclusive range of eyewear. The kind of style and trends that are being noticed are also exclusive.

Some sources point out that most brands are busy introducing “shades” to go with a person’s mood and style. Sunglasses are being promoted as hot accessories and various patterns and designs are being created.

For varied attires, a different and matching style of eyeglass can be worn. Not just the glasses, many brands have also brought out a vivid range of frames. Different colors, shapes, and sizes of sunglass frames make summers even more fascinating.

Some reports point out that frame shapes that sell like hotcakes most of the moment are a large rectangular shape and plastic square shape. The material used for the eyewear frames is also becoming trendier.

Alongside plastic, titanium and metal frames are gaining increasing popularity. The lenses that are used are equally innovative. Gradient tones and mirror-coated lenses are becoming largely popular with most fashion enthusiasts. Large oversized frames with translucent and reflective glasses are in demand.

Aviator, Retro and Wrap Stars are some sunglass trends are just as hot as they were several summers back.

Sunglasses for Eye Protection in Summer

Sunglasses are definitely one of the hottest fashion accessories of all times. But good and branded eyewear is recommended by qualified optometrists. Some optometrists purposely advise people to buy polarized lenses in summer. These glasses are capable of screening the eyes against harmful sun rays.

Polarized lenses are a hot favorite not just among the young fashion-conscious crowd. Many well-known brands are bringing out stylish polarised eyeglasses.

One report points out that some eye specialists recommend Marchon, which is a good manufacturing brand in the eyewear industry. This company is known to have licenses with eminent brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nike etc.

The right kind of eyewear for a hot summer is something that keeps the UV radiation away from the eyes. Also, with several big brands bringing out new designs and styles of sunglasses; this accessory is definitely gaining steam over time.