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The shipment details are provided while processing the order where as there are some general queries which can be acquired online.Usually the orders are sent in five to seven days where as in case of customized design they may take a little more time that entirely depends upon the requirement and selection.


The processing times for  prescription sunglasses are 10 to 15 business days

Contact lenses

The contact lenses are shipped on the day of the order placement. The order of lenses has several parameters which are required to be completely provided. In the case of stock shortage the processing of order takes a little time because the lenses are sent after the availability. 

Eye glasses          

The single vision lenses do not take much time where as they are sent in just 3 to 5 business days. In case of the higher index lenses, progressive and the tinting lenses cheap eye glasses online takes six to ten days in the processing and delivering the order. 

Order tracking

Complete information is provided to the clients about their order. They can monitor it from the web account. The order is tracked easily and after processing cheap eye glasses online also monitors the shipment. The customized styles and designs take some more time in proceeding that is already shared with the client. 

Shipments and return

The ground shipment takes almost 5 to 7 days where as in case of different types of orders it takes a little more time in proceeding. The tracking of shipment can be done through the email which is sent by the cheap eye glasses online to the clients. There is also an option of returning but new glasses take some days to get adjusted for the eyesight. Upon the wrong prescription, order or any kind of inconvenience the client can easily contact on the company’s number to exchange or return the order.