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Privacy Policy

Policies are made for the convenience of the clients. Cheap eye glasses online collects information from the users which is carefully kept and not disclosed, shared or rented to any third party.

Personal information

Personal information is collected to refill your order, to give you newsletters and special deals. It never includes any kind of financial or business information. Clients provide their name, date of birth, e-mail Id, postal address and the detail of previous prescription, if any other practitioner is consulted. It is used for the completion of the order.

Credit Card Information

The credit card information is directly supplied to your medical practitioner or optician. Before any processing we take the client’s consent and permission after informing about the purpose. Cheap eye glasses online never misuse and share any kind of financial information.

Refilling the order

We keep the information in records that is reused in case of reorder. When the client requires to order again then they do not need to provide the entire information again, the previous record is automatically used.

Social Media

We have the social media option also available where the clients can contact us more easily. The social media information is never misused in any way neither it is passed to any third party. The highest protection is used for the client’s data keeping.

Other Links

Any kind of links and adds available on the website are not under the ownership this domain. They have their own separate privacy policies and terms that are not related to this website and in any case of uncertainty this website will not be responsible.

All right Reserved

We have the rights to do any kind of changes in the website any time. The offers and promotions are temporary hence they can be provided and removed according to the issuance. Clients own the right to provide or cancel their information.