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You can contact us anytime by simply emailing sales@glassesempire.com or FAQ online. During the working routine it almost takes 24 hours to respond to the queries. There is a form available by filling it you can provide us our contact information and the query you want to ask. It is provided to make sure that your query is reaching the correct department of cheap eye glasses online. Select the product about which you want to ask and post the question. There are several things which can be easily asked.

·         Price of the product

The prices of the products are available but the price for the customization can be asked.

·         Return and billing Inquiry

There is an option of return the item if you don’t like.

·         Product change

The product can be changed upon several specifications. The required information is gained on call or through email before processing.

·         Duplicate invoice

In case of loss, duplicate invoice can be provided.

·         Cancellation

The order can be cancelled by providing complete reasons and purpose of cancellation.

·         Defective item, exchange or missing item

If any kind of defect is found in the product, the client gets the right to replace it whereas only the company’s defect is exchanged not the client’s damaged item. Several times clients need a product that is not available in this case the availability is defined or the company informs about the missing item.

Client can also complain for the product not received until the day for shipment. However the client should immediately inform cheap eye glasses online in case of any uncertain issue.

·         Address change and order status

The order status can be checked by simply logging into the account. The order timing and details are provided on the invoice. In case of address changing client should immediately inform the company and provide the new address.